A Believe Bride Experiences Whimsical Bliss in Leavenworth

A dream became a reality for this “I Do.”

On September 1st, 2018 Danielle and William Viana cheerfully said "I do,” in front of their loved ones in the picturesque town of Leavenworth, Washington.

“We wanted a celebration that represented who we were, which led to a very DIY wedding,” Danielle shared. “It was an amazing and magical night, filled with as much love and laughter that could be included in one evening.”

The couple wanted a whimsical venue with wildflowers all around, twinkling lights up above, and plenty of smiles on their special day. What better way to achieve this then getting married at the beautiful Lindheim Lodge?

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Located in the Cascade Mountains, this Bavarian-styled village was the perfect getaway.

“I had a very specific idea in my mind when it came to flowers and decorations, and in order to accomplish that, we ordered flowers and the garland from three different places,” said Danielle. “The night before the wedding, my bridesmaids and I spent time arranging the flowers and garland to create the perfect look.” Flowers were brought in from Bloominous, Blooms by the Box, and Costco.

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The ceremony took place at sunset in front of a gazebo with flowers swaying in the wind. The reception was lit with lights strung across the sky, that seemed to twinkle when they caught your eye.

The newlyweds chose to have their favorite food, tacos, catered by good friends from Las Brasas Mexican Grill. An assortment of craft beers and their favorite wines were brought in and shared among the happy crowd.

“We had the most delicious lemon raspberry cake and an ice cream bar for dessert, of course,” shared the couple.

Time tends to fly when you’re having fun and Danielle and William realized this as the music started up and people began to dance.

My Special Moment

“Before our wedding, Will and I had discussed that a plain and simple gold band to go with my engagement ring would be perfect,” Danielle said. “We’re standing up at the alter, in front of everyone, putting rings on each other’s fingers, and then he pulls out a beautiful band with small emerald shaped diamonds. I was so surprised, I couldn’t contain my excitement!”

Will shared that her face was priceless when he pulled out the ring.


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